How will I be billed under Net Metering?

Your utility will continue to read your meter monthly. Under a Net Metering agreement, you will receive a monthly statement indicating the net amount of electricity you consumed or generated during that billing period.

In most states, on the anniversary of your agreement, you will be billed for the net electricity you consumed for the previous twelve months. You may request the option of monthly billing. Depending on the type of agreement you have, your meter might show a credit during some or all billing periods, even though the actual kilowatt-hours you generate and consume are equal.

Your utility is usually not required to pay you or credit your account for your excess generation each year, but it might do so. Contact your utility or ESP to discuss the option of negotiating rates for purchasing excess generation. If your current utility or ESP does not purchase excess electricity, you may contract with another company that will agree to purchase it.


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