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Reviewed: Feb 15, 2014
PV system installed in Seattle, WA 98118 (King county)

This is a real quality company. They installed a solar system on my house that is state of the art and essentially pays for itself. Until the year 2020, the state of Washington will pay me for producing solar energy almost exactly what my monthly payments are on the system, making it free. In addition, I will save more than $ 600 per year from my electric bill, making it that much better than free. And on top of it, the federal government gave me a $ 10,500 tax credit, putting me so far ahead on the deal it is hard to get my head around. I just don`t know why everyone would not do this. The government is reaching its hand out to consumers, trying to do the right thing and make a home solar system pay off economically, and Solterra makes reaching out and shaking the government`s hand on the deal really, really easy. It is a win-win all around. On top of that, the Solterra people are super nice, responsive and professional. The whole thing went flawlessly, it looks and performs great, and I love watching my electric meter run in reverse. I was extremely impressed by this company.
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