Site Supporter, Pre-Screened & Basic Listing Benefits

We offer basic services as a public service, free of charge. Our on-going work is funded by Energy Matters together with individuals and companies in our network that have made donations in support of our work (See Other Site Supporters). We have also received and seek the support of grant-making organizations (See: About Us).

Listing and Service Options Include:

Listing & Service Options

  Good Better Best
Listing Type: BasicPre-Screened Site Supporter
Unlimited Sales Leads
Searchable Profile
Customer Ratings & Reviews Service
Solar Estimator for your Site
Multiple Branch and Sales office Listings
Pre-Screening Service & Insignia
Company Logo Displayed *
Highlighted Listing *
Priority Position for your Listing *
Top Position for your Listing
RFQ Priority Access
Highlighted and linked on Supporter Page
Annual Fee FreeFree / $59 * $100 +
* - "Priority Listing" benefit
(see below)

Priority & Highlighted Listings Get the Most Sales Leads.

70% to 80% of all sales leads go to Pre-Screened and Site Supporter listings. This is because these listings are highlighted and receive Top position (Supporter) or priority position (Priority Listed/Pre-screened) in our default listings.

About Pre-Screened Listings:

"Pre-Screened" listings are recognized by special insignia and priority listings.
To become Pre-screened you must meet our Pre-screening criteria. Therefore, the Pre-Screened listing is offered, by invitation only, to those companies which have met (and continue to meet) our Pre-screening criteria.

"Priority Listing" Service *

After you meet all Pre-Screening criteria, we will invite you further improve your listing by paying a nominal ($59) Pre-Screened "Priority Listing" service fee. This is optional, but much appreciated -- it helps cover some of our cost to support you. It's also an excellent value. "Priority Listings" appear above any non-paying pre-screened listings (i.e. default Find-A-Solar-Pro listing order).

Company Logo

Priority Listings and Site Supporter listings (below) include display of your company logo. This makes your company stand out.

About the Site Supporter Benefits Package:

You can gain the best position and visibility by becoming a Site Suporter. Benefits include:

  • Profile Highlighting & Top Priority Listing: By becoming a Supporter, your profile(s) will be highlighted and receive top priority listing on Solar Pro search pages; Site Supporter listings are displayed first in the default listings of solar professionals (Find A Pro). This helps make your profile stand out and be seen first.
  • RFQ Priority Access: (Requests for Quotes) People may define a project through an RFQ and request responses or quotes from organizations in our network. Site Supporters receive priority access to RFQ's -- Supporters are notified first, via email, of any new RFQ posted. If you are not a Supporter, you must login to access and review any RFQ's.
  • Supporter Page Listing: By becoming a Supporter your company will be acknowledged as a such, listed and linked on our site Supporters Page. This helps improve your company's web ranking with major search engines and acknowledges your support for our work.
  • Customer Reviews & Ratings: Supporter's customer reviews are ordered by best ratings first. Otherwise customer ratings are ordered by the date the review was submitted.

Annual Site Supporter Fees:

Annual Supporter Fees vary by the number of listings we have within about a 70 mile radius of the zip code assigned to your master account ("main" Profile) -- the more listings, the higher the fee. This is commensurate with the size of the market. Current fees are shown below.

Support Early and Lock Yourself into Value: The Supporter fee is locked in for one year from the date your site support is received (we also offer a 6-month option). Our aim is to limit the number of site Supporter listings within a given zipcode search. So as the number of Supporters grows so does the Supporter fee. We want to reward you for supporting our work; this market-based approach to establishing Supporter fees should help preserve, and even increase, the value of your support after your support is received.

Current Site Supporter Fees *
Listings within ~ 70 miles Annual Semi-Annual
< 20 $100 $50
21 - 40 $150 $70
41 - 60 $200 $100
61 - 80 $250 $125
81 - 100 $300 $150
101 - 120 $350 $175
> 120 $400 $200

* - The fee shown above is for the first 10% of companies Supporting within a 70-mile zipcode search area (as deteremined by the Zipcode of your "main" profile). For example, if there are 20 listings for a given zipcode, the first 2 Supporters (10% of 20) receive Supporter benefits for the fee shown above. Thereafter, the Supporter fee will adjust in accordance to market conditions; our intent is to limit the number of Supporters to about 20% of listings within a given zipcode search. The Site Supporter benefits apply to all Profiles (sales branches) active in your account. However we reserve the right to adjust the Site Supporter fee if an account has a large number of Profiles and/or if some of the Profiles are in areas (zipcodes) that have higher Site Supporter fees than the "main" Profile.

One of the best marketing values in the solar industry

We offer a host of value-added services and features designed to improve your company's visibility, generate sales and acknowledge your support of our work. This is truly one of the best marketing values in the industry.

Competitive Comparison
and most others ...
Cost per Lead None $119 +
Minimum Deposit Required None $500
Direct, Immediate Access to Sales Prospect Yes No
Leads Sold to Multiple Contractors No Yes
Lead Conversion Pretty Good (~20%) Pretty Frustrating
Searchable High-Value Profile Yes No
Customer Reviews & Ratings Service Yes No
Estimators & Marketing Tools Yes Virtually None
Site Traffic Quality / Refering Sites Excellent Average
Supported by DOE, State Energy Offices, Utilities Yes No
Service Managed by Solar Industry Experts Yes No
Advanced "Pro" Tools & Services Yes .. Don't hold your breath
Who's behind it? Dedicated Solar Folks
with Real-world Experience
Dot Com'ers
with Venture Capital